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An intoxicating journey of the senses is how I personally describe Bondassage,

and I can honestly say it is a journey I will thoroughly enjoy taking you on.


Perfectly suitable as an introduction for any novice or nervous newbie wishing to explore their first taste of bdsm in a calm, controlled environment. Also ideal for those with more experience who are hoping to deepen their subspace or are simply wanting to try something slightly different to their usual style.


Sight and sound sensory deprivation combines to heighten your remaining senses, encouraging you to revel in the exploration of touch and the light bdsm techniques I incorporate. The mind and body become as one; combining into a sensual playground, drifting into the realms of a dream-like state of relaxation, it is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.


After the luxury of your session you will feel re-energized, refreshed, rejuvenated and able to focus more clearly.


Bondassage sessions now available in E1 and NW8, London UK

Emails are generally responded to relatively promptly, so please get in touch respectfully.


Email:  Bondassage@LIVE.CO.UK

Mobile phone:  +44 77 409 72 449 (Calls 12pm-8pm)

Website:  http://www.goddesscleo.co.uk/

Location: London,  England